Capital Campaign Management

The Papillon team offer the service of overseeing and managing capital fundraising campaigns on behalf of non-profit organisations. This usually follows on from the stand-alone service of tailor-made capital campaign planning. However, should an NPO have a workable and feasible plan and the requisite board and senior volunteer support, Jill and the team can oversee a capital fundraising campaign. Please note: this is essentially a management and guidance task and not that of raising the, inevitably substantial, money required for a successful capital campaign.

‘Jill was highly proactive and innovative in her approach and worked closely with our international prospects to ascertain their needs. Her experience of the donor community with whom she has worked extensively was very valuable to us. This was especially evident in her interaction with the South African Lottery. She is a real professional in her field and met every deadline set during the time she worked for us.’

Jonathan Stead, former Head of Marketing, Communications and Strategic Partnerships, University of Johannesburg