Strategic Planning Facilitation

All organisations should conduct strategic planning exercises. Not all do. Ideally these should be facilitated by someone not involved in the organisation, its politics or personalities and with no vested interests. Yet, he or she must know the sector and be able to enable the right amount of inclusive creativity, while guiding the process professionally and unemotionally. Jill and her team have offered this service for decades and bring a wealth of such facilitation, from experience of doing so in 12 countries. The team also maintain close links with major donors both locally and abroad in order to advise on trends affecting the NPO sector.

‘Our strategic planning day facilitated by Jill was immensely helpful in clarifying our priorities. She certainly gave us a lot to do!’

Allister Wood, Manager, Hesketh King, Salvation Army

‘During the process, Jill helped us to clarify our thinking and guided us as to our priorities.’

Phil Williams, Chairman, Centre for Adults with Disabilities