Monitoring and Evaluation

Many people have blinked and missed the rapid escalation of the importance of monitoring both organisations and projects, in order to properly evaluate their success or otherwise. This has now become a critical, often deciding factor, in maintaining existing donors and in particular, bringing new ones on board. Frighteningly, many NPO board members, staff and volunteers in South Africa don’t even understand monitoring and evaluation – most confuse this ongoing and vital process with reporting. Sound monitoring and evaluation systems are, for instance, a prerequisite for Lottery funding as well as for support from foreign donors. Hundreds of South African companies and trusts are also insisting on NPOs’ monitoring and evaluation methodology being explained as part of the fundraising process. If an NPO does not have sound, proven processes in place, this workshop will cover these vital but often confusing functions, which are explained step-by-step in a clear and logical manner to substantially improve delegates’ NPOs’ chances when competing in the ever shrinking pool of foreign, corporate and trust donor money.

A glossary is included in the notes to demystify the jargon that monitoring and evaluation has spawned. Two basic templates are provided for planning monitoring methods and delegates will participate in exercises to develop both monitoring and evaluation plans and tasks, in order to expedite their understanding of the often challenging requirements of these processes.

An optional additional service, only for delegates to this course, is the opportunity to send monitoring plans and tasks and/or an evaluation plan and indicators to the Papillion team for comment and advice. (Note: this does not include a re-write or edit but comment and advice only, as an extension of the learning gained during the course).